I am Here, where else could I be?
This Here is different from any other Here
I’ve experienced
This Here is different from any other Here
others experience

I must appreciate each Here I encounter for
Heres are fleeting
Heres are limited

Each Here is unique
Pay attention or
miss it

You cannot bring back a Here
even in your memory because
the new Here
remembering the old Here
is the unique experience of a
new Here

Oh look, Here, it’s gone

“Wherever you are is Here, and you must treat it as a powerful stranger.” – David Wagoner

The NaPoWriMo prompt for today is to write a poem that responds, in some way, to another. This could be as simple as using a line or image from another poem as a jumping-off point, or it could be a more formal poetic response to the argument or ideas raised in another poem. The poem I used was Lost by David Wagoner.

Photo by Amer Mughawish courtesy of Unsplash


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