Tonight, I introduce myself
to the moon
while she is full,
glimmering on the lake
as a genial specter in nocturnal play

Her fullness
makes my sorrows
seem small

I can be the tiny creature,
she can be mature fullness
let her swaddle me in her light
wrap me in her reflection
steady my discursive thinking
with her enlightenment

This post was inspired by the Billy Collins poem, Moon.

Graphic by Filipe Resmini courtesy of Unsplash


10 thoughts on “Fullness

  1. Beautiful (image and poem!) – Though far off in the sky, we sense how much bigger the moon is, how much brighter than any mere creature on planet Earth. I find this comforting, and your poem reinforces that comfort.

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  2. I love the opening lines to this poem. We sometimes forget ourselves in the grand scheme of the universe, so tiny we are. There is great comfort each time the full moon appears. Loved this poem.

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