Graced by Whispers

My heart longs to find
still islands of dreamer-songs
hushed enough to hear
whispers of sweet somethings
about the beauty we each hold
nudging me to create
beauty from this beauty
before it fades

Graphic courtesy of Pixabay


7 thoughts on “Graced by Whispers

    1. Thank you, Kim. In response to your question, I believe that all is impermanent and that when graced with beauty, I hope I embrace it and know it is fleeting no matter what form. I’m not sure I responded to your question but I appreciate you posing it. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Joan. I do try to visit that still island often, but it does seem that sometimes life’s storms distract me. Thank goodness for the poems that help me navigate stormy waters. 🙂


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