Gratitude in Grey

Gazing at the grey winter sky
she throws gratitude into the world
because here comes another drab day
as if that weren’t expected this time of year
but gratitude births its own light
illumines even gloom

Graphic is a modified original watercolor painting.

16 thoughts on “Gratitude in Grey

    1. Thank you, V.J. I actually wrote this in an exercise using Toni Morrison’s style in a paragraph about childbirth in Beloved. Even though I changed the topic, I wanted to use the concept of birth in there somewhere.

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  1. You’ve captured a huge concept in so few lines! Wonderful. Gratitude has been my light getting through my son’s illness and death – ongoing, strengthened I think by my son to help me see through other fogs (pandemic, issues of loved ones, very old dog demands, … the fogs are ever rolling in, and gratitude is ever essential!)

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Jazz. Your son’s presence during his last few months sounds like such a blessing. Going through what he went through and still practicing gratitude is such an inspiration. One thing I am certainly grateful for is your friendship.

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