Burning the Old Year*

Not much paper to feed the flame
not much writing went on
time spent instead on memorial services
difficult sympathy cards to send

Days lost without meditation
crackle with spiritual neglect
leaving me more isolated
less intentionally loving

But new days are dawning
not all bridges burned
even some newly spanning
across dark chasms of last year

*Poem inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye’s poem of the same title

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


12 thoughts on “Burning the Old Year*

  1. LuAnne, I too pick up hope from your lines (between your lines, too). The past year seemed a steadily increasing crescendo of fear on multiple levels, crashing “bridges” to sanity such as meditation and writing. I believe, though, that a bridge of awareness has emerged to let many of us cross from constant fear into hope. Maybe things had to get us that wound up to wake us up? (On a personal note, I too look forward to writing more in 2021!)

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    1. Once again, Jazz, you see things in my poetry that even I don’t see. 🙂 I had not thought of meditation and writing as a bridge to sanity but those activities surely are. I know when I don’t journal, when I don’t meditate my sanity suffers for sure. I will have to tell that to my therapist! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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