12 Days of Apprehension

What was really stolen?
Rights of the people to have leadership
that inspires the best in us,
not incites insurrection

What was really the fake news?
Lies from the bruised ego of a loser
that perpetuated false claims of a rigged election
not mainstream reporting

This morning I’d hoped to
sigh a sigh of relief
and I do upon confirmation of the president-elect
but I do so through tears of
what this country has become with
violence unleashed on the Capital
promoted by a sitting president
against our own people,
against our own government

Can we survive these last 12 days of
this vicious, unstable, lack of leadership?
Or will he feel even more empowered to
spew his delusional deceptions,
divide our nation beyond healing?

Top photo is of the House chamber after it was evacuated (Andrew Hamik/AP).
On the bottom, the top photo shows people taking shelter in the House chamber as rioters tried to break in (Andrew Hamik/AP).
Last photo shows Trump supporters invading the Capital (Jason Andrew/The New York Times).
All photos are from In pictures: Pro-Trump rioters breach the US Capital on historic day in Congress.


11 thoughts on “12 Days of Apprehension

  1. There are no words, and yet, this President has been allowed to spew hate since before his election. It is emblematic of a deeper issue, I’d say. The actions of yesterday somehow anticipated, although who could fathom the depth of depravity as well as the lack of security present. Thank you for your honest expression, touching on what so many are grappling with.

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    1. I so agree, V.J. I think we were braced for turmoil but not insurrection. He became so much more emboldened after his impeachment, I am truly concerned of what he will unleash in the final days. Nothing surprises me about him anymore. Well, I would be surprised if he was mature enough to concede. I am worried about the inauguration – all those leaders outside together. What a mess.

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  2. Sometimes things have to get soooo bad that those perpetrating them from sidelines wake up. There is no hope to change Trump, but I do hold optimism that this over-the-top expression of his unfitness will register with many who have supported him out of loyalty to the Republican Party. Many within the Republican Party are starting to speak up and I’m sure some of them have harbored these concerns for a long while but opted for party loyalty with fingers crossed. Time to uncross fingers and cross our hearts with open respect for one another. That said, Trump deserves no respect given the extent of his disservice to the US and to many, many individuals.

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    1. Well put, Jazz. I, too, am starting to see some Republicans coming out against this promotion of violence but I sure wish they had come out against his abuse of power last year and taken him out of office after he was impeached. Forgiveness is a good thing but I think blood is on the hands of the Republican senators who voted to keep him in office. This will have such long-lasting ramifications. Thanks for your comments, Jazz. As always, I feel you deepen and help me clarify whatever it was that prompted me to write a post.

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  3. LuAnne, I wasn’t surprised at all when I saw the mob invade the Capitol yesterday. It reminded me of other disturbing incidents that have occurred over the last four years. Never will I understand how the Republicans have been able to go along with all the hatred and law breaking. I am however more hopeful now that the election is officially certified and that the rule of law held up. What a relief to know that it’s almost January 20!


  4. LuAnne. I would like to change the narrative a bit, not because of a nonrecognition of the repulsiveness and the sheer horror of what happened, but because of the fact that a tyrant has been brought to a point of absolute humiliation and ignominy. He has hit the wall and structures of true democracy and now looks the fool he is. People are saying things like, America is no longer a beacon of democracy and all sorts of other demoralising statements. Personally, I think it is one of America’s finest hours and her soul is intact in spite of what has happened. I live in the UK and perhaps don’t fully understand your context. Forgive me if that is the case.

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  5. Trump has taken the shine off the US, what worries me as an outsider is he is only the badge on the hood those who drove the car are more culpable than even he. From here the news reports make it look a complete mess. Hoping for change.


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