Great Conjunction*

They may approach with consternation
having not engaged in years

but they draw nearer every night
to celebrate on winter solstice
with a blushing butterfly kiss

* The Great Conjunction of Aquarius 2020 is when the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn come so close together that they appear as a double planet. Click for more information.

Photo from the BBC Sky at Night Magazine

4 thoughts on “Great Conjunction*

  1. Beautiful – your verse ramps up my anticipation of this Solstice’s sky-watching! (We are headed to a dark-sky area to camp and stare at this phenomenon.) I especially like the perspective of “butterfly kiss”.

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    1. Oh, how wonderful to go to a dark-sky area for this phenomenon. It’s been overcast for days here so I would love to go to the dark-sky area in northern MI but it is way too cold for these old bodies to camp that far north. Enjoy! I look forward to hearing about it. And maybe photos!

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