My husband, David, is the guest contributor for today’s post.
The following is a series of his first haikus written during
a playful evening.

I am haiku-ing
seven strange syllable rules
to meet each other

I am haiku-ing
seventeen syllable rules
merging to create *

I am haiku-ing
five plus seven plus five rule
forming my haiku

I am haiku-ing
self-referential poem
speaking to itself

I used to haiku
but the rules are constraining
so I broke them

* In collaboration with LuAnne

Graphic courtesy of Pixabay

11 thoughts on “Haiku-ing

  1. Delightful, especially the finale! (I enjoy the challenge of 5-7-5 but confess to putting a higher priority on succinct message than on syllable count …) And haiku-ing sounds a lot like canoe-ing … in both cases, a navigation through elements that demands an occasional swerve.

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    1. My husband took you canoe-ing idea and wrote three more haikus just for you. 🙂

      Swerving haikus are (5)
      avoiding obstacles no (7)
      better than canoes (5)

      Swerving haikus are (5)
      avoiding canoe constraints (7)
      better than turtles (5)

      Canoeing haikus (5)
      Are destined to entertain (7)
      All of us poets (5)


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