cardinal flying

Cardinal in the garden
Blue jay in the dogwood
Cardinal flies to a maple branch
Her mate joins her from nowhere
Jay disappears into oak leaves
Woodpecker appears on a tree trunk
I have no control over when
Life swoops in and out of my window view

I also have no control over when
Conditions swoop in and out of my day
I can enjoy fleeting pleasures without clinging
Acknowledge discomforts as impermanent, too
Stay with the present moment and then
Let it swoop away


Photo by gerhard crous courtesy of Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Swoop

  1. This touches me deeply … I am increasingly accepting lack of control as perhaps Spirit’s best catalyst … what I cannot control I cannot mess up, thus Nature/Spirit guides events and conditions w/o interference from one with a very limited view. We are all looking through a window at all times – seeing only a fraction of what moves beyond view.
    Beautiful post – beautiful image

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    1. Thank you for your comment, V.J. Yes, I am blessed with a little patch of nature out my back window. There are a lot of things to get worked up about going on these days. But the birds and butterflies, squirrels and chipmunks are great reminders to live in the moment and not cling to worry. Thanks for dropping by/

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  2. Once we accept that much of life outside of us is out of our control, dealing with the “swoops” in life seems to be easier to deal with. Nicely written, LuAnne. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Olga. I seem to need constant reminders these days that much (maybe everything!) is out of my control. I am grateful for the birds’ reminders and grateful that you stopped by and commented.

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