All in a Name

squirrels on spring tree

Once my name was Playing with Words
Yesterday my name was Anxious about the Virus
Today my name is Squirrels Spiraling in Spring’s Green
Tomorrow my name will be Safely Venturing Out
Secretly my name is Likes Wine Too Much
I want my name to be All Is Impermanent

Photo by Brecht Denil courtesy of Unsplash

16 thoughts on “All in a Name

    1. Thanks, Kamal. I look out to a little patch of woods from my writing room window and particularly this time of year, the squirrels are having so much fun chasing each other up and down and around the trees. I can hardly get any writing done, they are so cute. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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      1. Yes they are so cute and one can get lost in their fun. Welcome LuAnne and so nice to be sitting in your garden and writing poems. Even I have published a poetry book called Poet’s Touch last year and it is available on Amazon Kindle.


  1. What fun this poem is! I like the idea of naming all our moods. Today I might be Heavy as a Wet Blanket…but it would be more fun to be Floating like Dandelion Wishes! Thanks for sharing your poem.

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