Waiting for the Sun

April snow

I long to sing
Here Comes the Sun
while opaque clouds
spill April snow

I long to sing
Here Comes the Sun
while quarantine
silos all at home

We’ve had an unusually snowy April here in SE Michigan, or maybe I just noticed it more since I am staying inside. Notice the two turkeys in the bottom right-center of the top photo. We’ve been visited by a lot of wild turkeys this year for some reason.

This post was inspired by George Harrison’s Here Comes the Sun


Photo in my personal collection; this one taken of my back yard earlier in April.

13 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun

  1. Snow sounds nice, actually. We are forecast our first 100-degree day early next week. (That used to occur in late July 20 years ago!) Wonderful to have wild turkeys posing for you. DO sing … inside or outside … I’ve read that humming and singing do really good things for the body overall. Good vibrations.

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    1. Oh my, Jazz. Where do you live? I am in Michigan and we rarely have weather that hot. It’s been a weird year with snows in Nov. and April and not much during the winter. What’s up with that?

      Yes, singing is a good outlet. I love this song although I have a hard time singing it because Harrison sings in a key I can’t quite muster. I still try it – especially if I am alone. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your comments.

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      1. I’m in central Texas … or, I could sing “deep in the heart of Texas” … Michigan is on my get-to list. We’d planned to get to Minnesota this summer, but it’s looking like those plans will be scrapped for closer-in destinations just-in-case one of us gets sick. Some summer we’ll go up North and stay till our local temps get back down to double digits.

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