If You Were God…

Patchy snow

An email message titled
“If you were God what universe
would you create?”
arrived in my inbox today
The question made me smile

I am a god and I do
create my universe
Everyone is a god in my opinion
creating a unique universe

How could it be otherwise?
Each have unique backgrounds
Each have unique sets of abilities, thus
Each perceive the universe from a
unique point of view

Sure, outside forces exist but
how we react to events, to
actions of others and
ourselves, to what we choose to notice
is the universe we create

I am creating a universe this morning
filled with patches of melting snow,
shadow echoes slicing through the yard
contented cat’s purrs comforting me and
an email from a kind friend
reminding me to focus on the
wonder of my unique universe
created by my unique perspective


The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. – William Blake


Photo of my back yard in Troy, MI is from my personal collection.

10 thoughts on “If You Were God…

    1. You could have given me no greater compliment but to say the poem made you think. Thank you. I was concerned that this content would be a little radical for some, but it is an honest philosophy that I hold. I appreciate your visit and comment.

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