Winter Morning


filtered water fills the cup
going up an octave as it reaches the brim
coffee maker sputters
syncopation to the wind chime song
beside the window

peppers sizzle in a pan
avocado slices frame the plate
whipped egg with spices
waits for its turn in the skillet

snow has fallen during the night
porch needs to be cleared
shovel sounds almost drown out
neighbors’ snow blower roars

inside the furnace rumbles
spits out steam seen through the window
another cup of coffee warms cold hands
snow clinging to boots begins to melt

I meditate by the window
with snow’s still silence
broken by a black squirrel dimpling the snow
first hour of the last day of February

holding coffee cup

Top photo by Kristaps Ungurs and bottom photo from Brigitte Tohm both courtesy of Unsplash.

12 thoughts on “Winter Morning

  1. You pulled me into your scene … a sense of snuggling up to winter for a farewell hug. Beautiful imagery/sound evoked … especially the shovel vs snowblower bit followed by silence next to the window.

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    1. Thanks, Jazz. Looking at the forecast it does look like a farewell hug to winter for us. Temps look like they’ll be above freezing this month. That is a little early for us to have warmer weather here in MI. Glad you stopped by.

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