Dolly Lama

Breathe with Me Barbie

Finally, she gets to go barefoot
sit on the floor in a lotus position

Finally, she breaks from busyness
prompts if you touch her moon necklace

Curvy body is posable now
flowing thick hair remains

Breathe with Me Barbie™
guides meditations with
eyes wide open


Read more about Breathe with Me Barbie in the Tricycle article, Meditation Barbie Wants to Be Your Dolly Lama. Do you think she could be an effective meditation teacher for children?

The title for this post comes from the title of the article above.

Graphic is from the Breathe with Me Barbie Doll official site. She is part of Mattel’s Wellness Dolls collection.



11 thoughts on “Dolly Lama

  1. Thank you – that’s a fascinating review. I grew up w/o Barbie but my daughter had several; and my son enjoyed using pieces of discarded Barbies in various art projects. I’m intrigued by Barbie as vehicle for introducing kids to meditation – would guess that most kids aren’t quite ready for such and would ignore parental prodding, whereas they might play along with Barbie and that might lessen resistance when a bit older to the real thing. (Glad I’m not in the position of choosing/purchasing anyone’s Barbie these days!)

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  2. I’m glad also that I don’t have anyone in my life now wanting Barbies. I can’t believe that Mattel says the Barbie is for children ages 3 – 8! So yes, that is a little young perhaps for being introduced to meditation through a speaking doll. But I had never thought of how they might be more receptive to the idea of meditating when they get older having been introduced to the concept in a playful way. Sometimes I teach six and seventh graders about different religions. I have on occasion talked about meditation with them and at 11 and 12 most already had a meditation practice. Thanks for dropping by, Jazz. I appreciate your interesting response to the question.

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