Moonrise, Moonset


Sunrise reminds me of
the impermanence of nature
as do the cycles of the moon

This morning, a thin lunar sliver, a waning crescent
stands watch from above
as sunrise colors fill the horizon

With my attention on
the glory of the sunrise
I don’t notice the moon disappear

Did she rise above the frame of my window?
or is she covered in clouds?

Either way, I can no longer see
what I had been able to see before

Yet, she still remains



moon set

I chanced upon the setting moon this morning
one day past full
For a few moments she lingered
before she slipped into
a blanket of winter fog


See the post, Sunrise, Sunset as a companion piece.

Both photos are from my personal collection and taken from my home in Troy, MI.

8 thoughts on “Moonrise, Moonset

  1. that darn winter fog…. I was thinking perhaps next Monday’s LBH might be a Tips & Tricks where we all are encouraged to share our tips for collage or tools or writing. Janette

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  2. I love the moon! I’m a sucker for tracking phases, which relate to moon-earth positioning and therefore subtle changes in influence. And psychologically, clarity vs fogginess contributes to influence. But indeed: “Yet, she still remains” – up there somewhere, tugging on us to some degree, seen or unseen, acknowledged or ignored.
    Love your second photo!

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    1. I love tracking the moon cycles, too, Jazz! I love watching her rise and set. She changes so quickly that it is a challenge to keep up with her. We have a lot of grey days during winter where I live though, so often I cannot find her. I think that makes it all the more special then when I do get to see her. Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your comments.

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    1. If you watch for a while she will often play hide and seek behind the clouds. Also if you see her setting and you watch, you can see her slip into the horizon. She is pretty magical and she pulls me into still attention often. I am very attracted to the moon and her cycles. Thanks for dropping by; I appreciate your comments.

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