Sunrise, Sunset

sunrise Crabapple1


Sunrise today is underwhelming
at least as far as colors are concerned
yet my kitty and I
still sit on the window seat
to watch the light
grow and grow and grow

every moment eternal
every moment finite

sunrise Crabapple2

Sunset Haiku

“Feed me please,” she purrs,
“by the back window because
sunset’s blaze soon fades.”

sunset1    sunset4  sunset2

Special thanks to my two cats, Star and Chloe, for inspiring these two poems.

See Moonrise, Moonset as a companion to this post.

Sunrise photos taken from my front porch, sunset photos taken from my back yard in Troy, MI during a thirty minute period of time.

19 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset

    1. Thank you, Jet. I follow sunrise and sunset times and try to witness both each day, although some days where I live (Michigan) especially in the winter, the cloud cover is so thick there’s not much to see. But the transition is worth noting anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Is that the one in Fiddler on the Roof? I love that song and was thinking about it as I joined these two poems together. Hope you are having a good winter in middle TN. I passed through Nashville on my way to Mexico a few weeks ago and got to see my sister and her family. It was a real treat. I wish I could have visited for some time though. Glad you are blogging again. We missed you!

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