Chopping Veggies with the Buddha

tomatoes chopped

The Buddha dropped by for dinner,
offered to help chop vegetables
I watch his skilled knife
slide through the flesh
of zucchini with little resistance

My knife found resistance, though
against a tomato skin
that had to be pierced before
I could mince its watery flesh

The buddhanatures of us both,
although we travel different paths,
work as partners to prepare a meal
seasoned with grace
to nourish the natures of others

We put down our knives and give thanks
for the vegetables’ buddhanatures
and celebrate this flow of energy
that honors all beings

This post is one in a series of my creative benefactors. Others include Walking with Thich Nhat Hanh Sweet Baby James and For Billy.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


16 thoughts on “Chopping Veggies with the Buddha

  1. In our modern culture, I think we tend to forget to be thankful for the “flow of energy” that simple, healthy nourishment provides. Busy lives and no time to enjoy cooking has changed eating habits. 😦 Nicely written, LuAnne.

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    1. Thank you, Caroline. I’ve been exploring Zen Buddhism for a few years and it has changed my whole approach to cooking, making it much more enjoyable – and healthy! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I so enjoy interacting with readers.


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