Mindfulness and Daydreaming


Mindfulness notices an external Now
Daydreaming allows for internal thought

Should I give up the benefits
of choosing to live in the present moment,
awake in the external world?

Should I give up deliberate daydreaming
incubating internal ideas
that feed creative breakthroughs?

Could I bridge a balance between these two
switching between streams of consciousness
like two friends taking turns on a seesaw?

Daydreaming may tip the balance
toward the fanciful for a time
then Mindfulness can take a turn to
tip back to focused awareness

Allowing this playful back and forth
between Mindfulness and Daydreaming
keeps one extreme from crashing so hard
that it holds the other side captive

So, I’ll try to find the balance
on this seesaw of sensory input –
observe surprises through stillness
then let my thoughts roam free


For more musing on this topic, see Counseling, a post from last year.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Mindfulness and Daydreaming

  1. Love the playfulness of this! And the see-saw metaphor is perfect … I would not choose to be stuck on either the up or down of the see-saw (or suspended half-way) indefinitely … switching between moves lymph within the body, invigorating both body and mind … that I can more fully engage in each moment whatever it delivers.

    For sure mindful moments enhance my daydreaming moments … curious to consider the reverse … thanks for that stimulation.

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    1. Thank you for this thought provoking comment, Jazz. I do see the advantage of moving back and forth between the two but I had never thought about how it would not be comfortable to be completely ‘balanced’ all the time either. 🙂 I think i can see how daydreaming could enhance mindfulness. For example, if you daydream a topic for a poem, or a solution to a problem, or even rehearse a future conversation, then that daydream might make you more mindful of examples or details that could add to your poem, or help you evaluate a new solution you dreamed up, or make you more careful with your words.

      I have to say thank you, Jazz, for the stimulation of your response.

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    1. Thanks, V.J. Yes balance is so important. And being agile in moving back and forth from different streams of consciousness. I’m reading a psychology book now called “Wired for Creativity” that talks about these two (and eight other) characteristics of creative minds. I find it quite fascinating. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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