Noticing Kindness

Moth on doorwall

Today a moth lingered
on my door wall, still as a painting
The visit was a meditation
on the outside of the glass

The morning continued to reflect
other such kind encounters
smiles from strangers
friendly inquiries
impromptu chats about
weekend weather predictions

A young doctor’s assistant
with a silver laugh had me weigh in
with no hint of judgement
as she read out the numbers

My doctor entered, chart in hand
a smile arose as she pronounced
“All is normal, you’re doing great”
then gently listened to my heart

Later a man at the gym’s front desk
wished me a good workout
A woman I had never met
engaged me in a friendly exchange
as she tied her gym shoes

Ms. Sing was there as she often is
answered my usual question
“How are you doing today?”
with her lilting, cheerful voice
“Any day I am here, I am doing fine”

Smiles from strangers
friendly inquiries
impromptu chats about
weekend weather predictions

The morning became a meditation
on the many kind encounters
perhaps because I started the day
with a moth’s reflection on my door wall,
reminding me to notice and to mirror
each small visit of kindness

Photo from my personal collection

17 thoughts on “Noticing Kindness

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Heather. I find that it is rather contagious – when I notice people being kind and connecting, I start to look for ways I can pay it forward. Glad you stopped by.

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  1. Beautiful poem, LuAnne! I love the moth photograph! I had a woodpecker land on the window screen yesterday morning and then he started drumming against the glass. Not sure if he said thanks for feeding us, or if he was defending his territory against his reflection in the window. Kindness goes a long ways in life! 😊

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