Unexpected Recollection


Today an allusion
of an adventure
spun long ago
rests as a single eyelash
on my cheek

Memory bits
arise at times
from a distant past
like light still seen
from ancient stars
long dead

I can be content with such
haphazard recollections
since memories tend to morph
in unexpected ways
like starling murmurations
like a shoal of schooling fish
like even my own heart

Graphic of starling murmuration is available for sale at Redbubble

I posted this on May 23 but saw that the Ragtag Daily Prompt for May 24 was Memory, so I thought I would link it.


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Recollection

  1. Thanks, V.J. For some reason that poem took days and days to complete. I really appreciate your comment about movement because that was the part that challenged me the most. 🙂
    BTW, I am not on Redbubble. It’s not easy to find copyright free photos of murmurations I found. This site sells photos and I did love the picture and wanted to give credit and who knows maybe market the site a little for someone. I am not associated with them at all.


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