Lavender Roses

lavender roses

Lavender roses and columbine
in my garden they call home
are content in their rooted destiny,
rejoice in release from dark soil

At sunrise on my own accord
I walk outside to smell their sweetness,
the flowers meditate with me
and teach me their scented dharma

Columbine that grows like wildflowers in my yard


Top photo courtesy of Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Lavender Roses

    1. Thanks, Jazz. I bought one plant of columbine several years ago and now my yard is full of them. Most are purple but I do have some pink and some white. I have no idea where they all came from, but they are such a blessing when they pop up. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting.

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    1. Aren’t they wonderful! I bought one plant years ago and now the whole yard is full of them for a brief time in June. I love the ‘wildflowers’ that I don’t have to attend to but still shine in all their glory. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine.

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      1. Yes! Cherries are just starting to appear at the market! 😉 I didn’t make any last year, but will this year. I saved the drained cherries, dipped them in melted dark chocolate and then froze them. They made great little dessert bites. I’ll have to write about it sometime! 😋

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    1. I haven’t either! I got that phrase from talking with a friend in my writer’s group. So when I was looking for a graphic I found this one of pale pink roses and did an adjustment in PaintShop Pro to give it a blue overlay to make them look lavender. It is really just a whimsical idea – lavender roses. I love my columbine, too. I cannot believe how they spread and I am not about to stop that! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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