Lightning Luminaires

Firefly adjusted

Tiny fleeting spotlights
disappear as they arise
not beaming to illuminate
stars upon a stage
but briefly shining light upon
a myriad of ordinary moments
lived in untamed fields on summer nights

NaPoWriMo2019logo Day Twenty-three prompt: Write a poem about an animal. I chose to write about fireflies or lightning bugs as we called them when I was a child.

The graphic above is an original watercolor painting I call Firefly. 

13 thoughts on “Lightning Luminaires

  1. The poem and the painting are both breathtaking!
    I love fireflies as well and this poem just captures the essence so well. All your poems are so enchanting. You’re definitely one of my inspirations LuAnne!

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    1. Amala, you are so kind. I am so glad that both the painting and the poem spoke to you. You are pretty inspirational for me as well. I am so glad that I have found your blog.


      1. Thank you! I am surprised that you don’t have fireflies in OR. We have a few here in MI (and glow worms, too) but where I grew up in Tennessee, our summer nights were filled with fireflies.

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