Moss and Stone

mossy rock2

The two of us have an ancient kinship
A complimentary pairing, moss and stone
One of us stands sturdy as foundation
The other blankets with a soft embrace

As a couple, we play hosts with open arms
To a universe of tiny sentient beings
They peek through green while grounded in the grey
As we protect them from external dangers
And nourish all these passing guests with care

We’ve been wedded to each other now for decades
Cleaving with an ardent loyalty
Although we could survive without the other
Why would we choose to spend eons alone?
Together we play hosts in our guest house
For transitory micro ecosystems

NaPoWriMo2019logo Day Seventeen prompt: Write a poem that presents a scene from an unusual point of view.

Photo of a mossy stone was taken in my backyard in Troy, MI.

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