Put Your Waders On, Lucy

rainy day

This gully-washer’s been goin’ on
three days now since Mundee,
and won’t let up a lick,
the clouds are plumb full to the brim
and pitching a hellova hissy fit

NaPoWriMo2019logo The Day Ten prompt was to write a poem that starts from a regional phrase, particularly one to describe a weather phenomenon. I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee (USA) where it rains more than Seattle, not gentle continuous drizzles but storms with heavy downpours. Such a storm was often called a gully-washer or a toad-strangler. I threw in a few other colorful expressions and pronunciations that I heard growing up just for fun of it.

Photo by Rich Smith courtesy of Unsplash.

14 thoughts on “Put Your Waders On, Lucy

    1. That’s funny because my father spent mornings hanging at a coffee counter with other guys who worked construction. It was his sales office. He was the one in the family with colorful language and wild stories.


  1. I love this. My dad’s childhood was split between Arkansas and Texas and this is the way he talks, especially when I was a little kid and he’d only been living in Minnesota a few years. This comes with so much personality.

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      1. My dad has lived in Minnesota now since I think like a year and a half since before I was born, so just over 30 years, and his accent is mostly gone and so are SOME of those southern phrases but they still slip out every so often and it always makes me smile. Glad writing this got to bring back some good times for you. =)

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