New Woman at the Shelter


She told me about saving to go to college
but didn’t because of “well, lots of things…”
She began to tell me how she lost her apartment
but only said “It was lots of things…”
She spoke in detail however of her job as a nurse,
how she spoke only Polish until she was 5
She told me tales of her father’s small business
and how his employees loved him so much
She talked about how much better she feels
when she runs every day and meditates
and how much she misses both
while staying within the shelter’s confines
“She’s like a building with 15 floors,”
her new shelter friend whispers to me,
“but her elevator only goes up to 5 now”

NaPoWriMo2019logo Day Four prompt: write a sad poem in simple terms

Photo courtesy of Pixabay processed using Paint Shop Pro

15 thoughts on “New Woman at the Shelter

    1. Thanks for your comment. She didn’t stay at the shelter long; I think she was beginning to have symptoms of dementia. I was so impressed by the other shelter residents being so kind and protective of her. Good people.

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      1. You are welcome. I hope she found the care she required. I imagine some shelters become tiny communities within themselves. It is good that other residents show such concern for their neighbours.

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    1. What a great observation. The homeless do become invisible. Even though I worked with the residents on resumes and other documents, I think the main service offered was to just listen to their stories. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

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  1. Love this. Adding the quote about the floors, is very powerful. Sometimes we forget to look past the one thing that stands out and remember that person is so much more than the moment.

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    1. When my father-in-law was sliding into dementia, he was able to remember such details of his youth but couldn’t remember what happened just a minute ago. It’s the short term memory that goes first I think.

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