Baby Dreams

dream catcher

I used to watch my babies dream
curious about their dream worlds
dreams they couldn’t tell me about
pre-language dreams

As I grow old and forgetful
will I revert to infant-dreams
full of colors and feelings
beyond a world of words?

Graphic is an original painting of a dream catcher done in watercolors and Sharpie

17 thoughts on “Baby Dreams

  1. Beautiful, LuAnne. I think we do slowly revert back to a pre-language dream world, but now as a differentiated human being having made the long journey through life finding something of our true selves.

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  2. Oh, I hope so!! Thank you for the poem and suggestion.
    I woke from a dream this morning to find my husband standing over me grinning – I’d been dreaming my dad was getting into the car to drive me wherever we were headed, after a sequence of scenes involving various relatives and a bag of something or other I was carrying to the car. I’m not sure how long the dream cycle really was … nor how long Gary stood observing … if I’d been in wordless, no-conflict dream mode would he have been able to tell? Hmmm …

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    1. I don’t know, Jazz. I guess babies have never had language so they would dream pre-language I would guess but if we have ever known language we might always dream in words – or not. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well and dream on…


    1. Thanks, Leslie. I did the background at my weekly art group and the Sharpie part at home last night. I so enjoy both painting and the Zentangle kind of drawing for the dream catcher.

      Oh, I do so hope we continue to dream. My dream life is very active and I would miss it so – if I remembered to. 🙂

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      1. In a college psych class many years ago we discussed the diminishing dream frequency of the elderly. I asked if perhaps there was a connection between that and diseases such as Alzheimer’s and senility. The instructor paused to think and said he was unaware of any such connection. But not too many years ago there was a study that determined that there was evidence that Alzheimer’s patients dream less than healthy elderly folks.

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    1. Interesting, I have not read any of the research on dreams of the aging. I should definitely look into that. Thanks. And thanks also for noticing the painting. I don’t know whether I had more fun painting the abstract background in watercolors (I absolutely love watercolor) or the meditative Zentangle process of drawing the dream catcher. I am beginning to love the visual arts as much as the writing. Oh, my!

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