Icy Morning [haiku]

freezing drizzle blue

crystal glazed limbs

greet freezing drizzle* droplets

ice siblings unite


  • Freezing drizzle is a type of precipitation in subfreezing temperatures that falls as liquid and freezes on contact with the ground or objects near the ground.
Photo taken looking up to the sky in my back yard in Troy, MI USA.


14 thoughts on “Icy Morning [haiku]

    1. Thanks, Penny. I can’t believe it took me about a week to finalize a 17 syllable haiku! The photo was one from a couple of years ago but as you know this weather comes around every year. Looking forward to LBH today. We’ve been having a good time. Hope you are having a good time as well. Email me if you’d like to have a virtual writing-at-Panara some time.


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