Wellspring of Joy

water well

The wellspring of joy runs deep inside
where darkness obscures the water,
but you can draw up this stillness to drink
when you need to nourish your heart

It may take time to lower the bucket,
to reach the water deep in the well;
a calm companion can aid your efforts
to keep you from muddling the waters

As you gently touch the surface below
dipping into the joy of your heart-well
let it arise and partake of its peace,
then share it with your companion  


Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge: Stillness
Photo inspired by Pixabay

15 thoughts on “Wellspring of Joy

    1. Thank you, V.J. I appreciate the inspiration of your weekly challenge. I’m not sure where the calm companion came from. Sometimes I feel like a poem just uses me to be said, instead of me using the poem to say something. 🙂

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    1. This is actually the result of an exercise we did in the Monday fellowship – using a published poem as a ‘scaffold’, reading from the bottom line up and commenting/reflecting on each line. I used John O’ Donohue’s “For One Who Is Exhausted, a Blessing”. I love this exercise because it inspires such surprising results. Here’s a link to the O’ Donohue poem if you’re interested: https://onbeing.org/blog/john-odonohue-for-one-who-is-exhausted-a-blessing/?fbclid=IwAR3NKttZ5at9rWtc3oK8L6ZudEj7hfzjK2kOVAjGndB0thl6vCxqsJz1iBU


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