Little Squirrel

squirrel in winter

My yard is filled with squirrels,
some red, some grey, some black
some fluffy, some thin
some bold enough to visit my porch
but one little squirrel out in the yard
I recognize by his size

I thought at first
he was still a youngster
so small compared to others
but he’s stayed small
since I saw him in summer,
that’s just the way he is

Now all squirrels are fast
but this little fellow
darts lightning quick through the cold
finding the stash he’d hidden last summer;
able to squirrel away nuts in small places
where bigger squirrels couldn’t fit

His presence reminds me that I can also
nurture my own unique nature,
find a place where I can survive,
where I can thrive as different
accepting my Self in this universe
not needing to ask


Photo by Matthew Fournier courtesy of Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Little Squirrel

  1. I love the lessons that nature brings us! We had a certain squirrel at our last house who stood out. We called him Norman. It was clear by his scars that Norman was a survivor. His willingness to move in and out of our space also indicated he was trusting despite it all.

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    1. Black squirrels have become more numerous over the past few years here in MI. I looked it up and actually they are the result of a pigmentation mutation, sort of the opposite of the albino condition. So black squirrels are technically either a red squirrel or a grey squirrel with this mutation. Now I am sure that is too much information! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Michael.

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