bare tree

It’s afternoon and still
in flannel pajamas
I watch squirrels jump
from bare branch
to bare branch
keeping the chill at bay

The cat snuggles
on my thick-socked feet
purring her naptime dreams,
leftovers simmer in a soup downstairs,
furnace hums in the basement

Dormant gardens,
brown grass,
grey skies,
icy streets –

A perfect time
for taking a snow day
even if there is no snow


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

5 thoughts on “January

    1. Thanks for your warm thoughts. I actually lived in TN the first part of my life and hated winter; now that I live in MI I have grown to enjoy the excuses to hibernate for a few months. Thanks for dropping by and I send you warm and cozy thoughts for the weekend as well.

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