Revision Avoidance (part 2)

butterfly emerging from cocoon

If I critically evaluate
the nature of my life;
use the tough-love hand I’ve used
when I revise a poem,

would I delete the habits
not needed in my life?
revise for measured rhythm
in relationships with others?
insert smooth transitions?
rearrange ideas?
choose new perspectives?
embrace surprising turns?

Can I begin this moment
to craft such revisions
for the ever-changing nature
of my life-poem?

For a companion poem for this post, see Revision Avoidance (part 1).

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

9 thoughts on “Revision Avoidance (part 2)

  1. This is great! For sure, difficult to revise that already “published” in prior lifespan … we are all constantly changing ourselves … this suggestion to do so consciously, to “edit” as we progress – appeals. Perfection would not be my goal, but refining – yes! … especially “revise for measured rhythm / in relationships with others”.

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    1. It was not my intent to make anyone sad with this poem, V.J. I do feel that my life is like my art, it is messy and must go through many revisions to get it anywhere near where I can say ‘finished!’ In fact, I never want to stop those revisions because to me that is where I grow. I had a writing mentor once who was widely published and he said that he never read his works after they were in print because he always found some correction he wanted to make and once published it was a done deal. I know I can over revise and make a poem or a painting worse. I find it difficult to just let go of a piece and call it ‘finished’ though. So, please don’t be sad for me, dear friend. I’m just not ready to declare myself ‘finished’ yet. Peace to you in your travels.

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      1. It was an odd reaction, I admit, LuAnne, and I agree that we are works in progress, but somehow your words triggered sorrow – projection likely. We strive and strive to better ourselves and at what point do we celebrate who we are in the moment? Interesting how we can provoke such a response.

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  2. I so appreciate your response, V.J. We are all perfect right now, and we all have room to be more perfect. I thank you for your kind friendship, spiritual challenge and honesty. May you be well. Really. 🙂


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