Revision Avoidance (part 1)

dirty dishes in a sink

My folder full of drafts
awaits a tough-love hand
to start the revision process

I’ll get a load of laundry started
to wash while I revise,
last night’s dishes need cleaning up
and why not start some soup to simmer
while I work revisions?

Finally, at the computer
I find CNN is open;
I read the news until I see
they’re all the same old plots

I check the weather,
then my email
oh, look a link to A Writer’s Life
good, some inspiration

I finally open my drafts file
only to get a popup
reminding me that in 15 minutes
I have to be at the dentist’s

I guess my revisions after all
will have to wait till later…


Do you ever engage in this type of avoidance? Do you have any advice for those of us who do?
For a companion poem to this post, see  Revision Avoidance (part 2).

Photo by rawpixel courtesy of Unsplash

8 thoughts on “Revision Avoidance (part 1)

  1. Yikes! You have just detailed my day’s lack of intended action!!! (Needing to catch up in an online class … but caught up in poetry and other online teasers. And now it’s almost time for Gary to come home from work … a for-sure deterrent to intended action.) Did I already say YIKES!?

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