looking out a window

I’ve always considered daydreaming
as a springboard for creativity,
however, this morning I read
that daydreams actually remove us
from the present moment.

I can see this truth.

As the coffee maker sputters
I wait by the window a while,
lapse into a silent conversation
inside my head, then wonder if
these internal dialogs
are somewhat like a daydream.

 Should I end such talks?

No, I can notice, yet not eliminate
these inner commentaries;
often, they’re my counseling sessions
where I act as my own therapist;
plus it’s a whole lot cheaper that way!


Note: Professional help from a life coach, therapist or psychologist can be a beneficial support to people facing life challenges. This poem in no way discourages readers who are currently in therapy, or who are considering therapy. Personally, I have found therapy to be very helpful for me during challenging times in my life. More information can be found at 4 Ways Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy and Meditation, Mental Habits, and Creative Imagination.

Photo by Maria Vitoria Heredia Reyes courtesy of Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Counseling

  1. Daydreaming, visualizing, thinking outside the box … these are healthy for the individual and for society …
    WHICH present moment to be in … there are so many things occurring at any given time, impossible to be focused on all that’s happening … the inner moment may well be of more value than surrounding ones!

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