Wild Turkeys

At dusk, I hurry to writers’ group
driving along an empty open stretch
of a two-lane
by the nature center

I slow down, though, when I see
what I soon recognize as
a brood of wild turkeys,
five little ones
bookended by two adults

They wattle in a straight line
seeming unaware of potential danger

I stop to watch this slow family parade
until the last of the seven
makes its way into the woods

I drive on, 
not hurrying this time,
by this evening gift from nature

wild turkeys on road photo

Photo courtesy of Birdorable Blog

20 thoughts on “Wild Turkeys

      1. When we were in the process of driving from Texas to our new home in North Dakota, we drove through Pierre, South Dakota, around noon. It’s the capital city of the state, and the Capitol building was on our route, as I recall there was a large roundabout type roadway surrounding it. Anyway, as we approached the Capitol my husband braked in the middle of the road as a family of geese paraded across our path. We took it as a good omen.

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