The Perfect Poem


Wanting to write the perfect poem,
my inner critic
emerges from tangled briars;
pulls me into her thorns

The only way to escape her
is to write

Writing a less-than-perfect poem
loosens her tangled grip

In sunlight
I can once again embrace
a wholeness that includes
my imperfections

This poem was inspired by Parker Palmer’s article from On Being, Dear Courtney: Our Shared Journey Toward Imperfect Wholeness.

For another view of getting through a block, please see fellow blogger and friend, Michael Richard’s post called Kick-starting inspiration.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay


18 thoughts on “The Perfect Poem

  1. Thanks, Penny. The Parker Palmer article that inspired the poem is worth the read. Good seeing you last night. It was inspirational! I’m working on a ‘heaven’ poem from the free write we did from the quotes. Great session!


    1. Amen to that! Actually after almost a month of nothing I have at least six drafts from journaling the past three days. I guess the muse has a different schedule than I do. Good luck with your writing. I love your work.

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    1. Thanks, Sabine. It has been such a busy year. I’m glad I’m retired; I don’t know how I could have fit so many trips and visits from family in if I’d been working. Then again, I would have more energy as well. 🙂

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