Colorful Personalities

paint bucket

Emma is the color of blood that seeps through an opened vein.
Abby is vanilla like melting ice cream in a bowl.
Nora is sepia like Grandma’s chestnut chifforobe.
Olivia is yellow like forsythia in spring.
Payton is coffee brown with cream and sugar added.
I am periwinkle peppered with neon pink.
We meet to paint on Wednesdays
blend the colors of our lives.


The graphic is an original mixed media work.

8 thoughts on “Colorful Personalities

    1. It is actually an art therapy group. I was a caregiver for a cancer patient and the clinic where she had her chemo facilitates several art therapy groups throughout the week for patients, survivors, and caregivers. I have been going with my friend for a few years now. I have no training in the visual arts but I enjoy the meditative practice of painting with friends. I don’t know how we would do it without the support of the clinic.

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