August Aubade


Early hours of an August day,
Still pleasant in the shady yard
Provide the opportunity
To be still beneath the trees

Eyes closed, bathed in birdsong
And crescendos of cicadas
I pull into my breathing
Listening to earth’s music

When opening my eyes, I see
A chipmunk by my shoeless feet
Eyes meet eyes in brief connection
A gift for me; I hope also for him


“Aubade is a French word that first romanced speakers of the English language during the 1670s. In French it means “dawn serenade,” and that is the meaning that English-speakers originally fell in love with. As the relationship of “aubade” with the English language grew, its meanings became a little more intimate. It blossomed into a word for a song or poem of lovers parting at dawn. Later it came to refer to songs sung in the morning hours.” from Merriam-Webster

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

4 thoughts on “August Aubade

    1. I have so been enjoying being able to meditate outside. We have old trees in the area and the birds’ chirps and trills and squawks are all around. We haven’t had too many chipmunks this year – for which I am grateful actually. I love watching these cute little critters but I have to keep one of my cats in if they are in the yard. Otherwise my kitty will leave me a ‘gift’ on the porch. Eeek!

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