Occurring Now

blue net

Phenomena are temporal
Sniffles do go away
A pleasurable meal ends
A breeze dies
The storm passes
Flowers fade

On a micro level
When senses
Connect with a stimulus
A unique moment
Arises for an instant
Then vanishes

You never breathe the same breath
Never step into the same river
Never see the same cloud

Impermanence is beautiful because you experience it
Tragic because it is gone the moment it occurs

You only get one chance
To experience this moment

Don’t miss it!

lake at Firefighters Auguse

Top photo by Pietro Jeng courtesy of Unsplash
Bottom graphic is an original colored pencil drawing of an ever-changing lake fed by the Rouge River at Firefighter’s Park in Troy, MI.



17 thoughts on “Occurring Now

    1. Thank you, V.J. I have really been enjoying doing art lately. I do art with other women once or twice a week and last weekend I did a lot of art by myself. I find the process meditative even if I end up with a piece that I don’t like and cut up into book marks. You can never have enough book marks! I hope you do get to play with paints or pencils or crayons. And then you can post your work!

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