cell biology

Nothing is fixed in a permanent state
even what appears to be solid
is made of cells
that practice osmosis
where liquids and gasses move
through a permeable cell wall

Beliefs are not fixed in a permanent state
even solid beliefs used to define ourselves
for long stretches of life’s journey
can transform
as we listen to stories of others,
truth from another perspective

In listening with intent,
new ideas
beyond our comfort zones
can begin to pass through
a permeable belief system
where hearts can awaken

listen intently

Top photo courtesy of Pixabay
Bottom photo  by rawpixel courtesy of Unsplash



12 thoughts on “Permutations

    1. Thanks for your comment, Jazz. I was inspired by a woman in Ireland who went into rural areas to campaign for a referendum that she did not think would find a receptive audience with that population. She listened deeply to them and discovered that she was quite wrong about their views.

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    1. Thank you, V.J. It is a concept I struggle with. For example, I seem to have some strong political beliefs which are very different from those I held when in my 20s. Other transitions I have made include getting a dog or more cats, collecting art, my religious beliefs, being a vegetarian or not – the list goes on and on. So I cannot think that I will not continue to change. And most of those changes in the past have come from listening to others whose opinions I respect. So it is an ongoing challenge (especially politically!) to be open to opinions of others and really listen to those I tend to disregard as mean or greedy or just dumb. Maybe if I really listen I can see parts of myself in them and parts of them in me. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Have a great day!

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