After the Rain [haibun]


A dry spell left the grass brown. Yet in the dark of the early morning, renaissance rains nourished the fields. A new scent followed the thunderstorm this morning. Revival filled the air, cool and pleasant to imbibe for both creatures and the foliage. 

Dusty earth dampened

Droplets cling on spiders’ webs

Gifts of petrichor


I was introduced to the word “petrichor” a few months ago. It means “A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. At the time I first ran across this word I had no idea there was even a word that described this phenomenon. I was reminded of it though when I walked in the park this morning and I was gifted with this refreshing scent.

 Read Petrichor: Why does rain smell so good? for more information.

Graphic taken in my back yard the summer of 2016.

19 thoughts on “After the Rain [haibun]

    1. I’m so glad ‘petrichor” will be added to your Writer’s Reliquary. I keep a book by my computer where I write down words l like. I had actually forgotten the word until I walked this morning and experienced it. Thanks for commenting.

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    1. I so enjoyed it two mornings ago after that good rain we had. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it as much if I had not known the word for the experience. I would hope so. Merci pour votra commentaire.


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