Playing to Win

Kings in the Corner first move

He put on some music while she shuffled. When he drew a card to see who would go first, she was beginning to grove to Dylan. He drew high card, so she dealt and set up the four cards he’d use for his first move.
“I cheated,” he muttered. She looked up from her hand, silent questions in her eyes.
“And it’s okay to cheat in this game,” he announced as he began his first play.
“How did you cheat already? And when did we decide cheating was allowed?”
“I just did. Your turn.”
He was down to two cards; the goal of Kings in the Corner was to be the first one to play all the cards in your hand.
“If cheating is allowed, then we’re not playing Kings in the Corner,” she said surveying what she could now play.  “We’ll have to change the name to Trump in the Corners.”
He did win the game – by cheating.

Kings in the Corner won         trump as king

For more information on playing Kings in the Corner (sometimes referred to as Kings Corner) see a description of the rules at How to Play Kings Corner.

Top photo is an initial layout of Kings in the Corner. The bottom photo of cards is a winning table of the same game with all cards played. The other bottom photo is the cover of a recent Time magazine, depicting Trump seeing himself as a king.



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