Sketching Meditation

art journal sketch

I sketched my meditation this morning
To see the nature of my thoughts
Letting the pencils flow where they wanted 

 I sketch flat in a 2D view
Don’t know how to draw 3D
Must be how I see the world

 I speak a little French
But only in present tense
Must be how I hear the world

I journaled a sketch this morning
To gain a bit of perspective
Grateful to be in the present


The graphic above is a sketch I recently added to my art journal.
It was drawn with colored pencils. I have been doing more and more
visual art lately; it seems to inspire my writing. 




7 thoughts on “Sketching Meditation

  1. You have my gears spinning
    Sometimes I sketch dream specifics – why not meditations?
    This poem resonates – cannot draw realistic 3-D … though “realistic” is not an essential quality, is it?
    Thanks for this post 😌

    Liked by 1 person

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