At the Diner

short order cook

“Pray tell, kind sir, what culinary pleasure can I bestow upon you today?”
She poises her pen upon her pad and awaits his response.  

“Um, I’d like some scrambled eggs. Do ya’ll have grits? I sure do like grits with butter
or lordy they are down right scrumptious with gravy. Got any red-eye gravy in this here diner?”

“Kind sir, we have polenta which is a corn meal delicacy.
However, it is customary to serve this with fromage.”

 “Okey dokey. Whatever that is I’ll try it. Can ya get me a cocola, too?”

 “It will be my pleasure to provide you with provisions of which you wish to partake.”

 She hands the order to the expeditor who yells to the cooks behind him,
“Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck’em. Corn porridge in the alley with wax and an Atlanta special.”


The day 20 prompt was to rebel against yourself and write a poem you would not ordinarily write. I rarely write dialog so I thought I would play around with three types of “voices”.

Photo by Wyron A courtesy of Unsplash

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