Red Flags

Memo of a missing payment
Returning home to smell of smoke
Increasing shore lines
Anger rising
A mystery pain in your chest

What to do with red flags?

Notice them and face the issue?
Make them white flags of surrender?
Let them drape your life in terror?
Or turn them into roses?

red roses

Photo by Gian courtesy of Unsplash


The prompt for Day 20 is to write a poem about rebellion. This poem does have a hint of rebellion in it but I think it is more an example of the Day 19 prompt which suggests that we edit a paragraph to make it into a poem. Here is the journal entry I wrote a few months ago that I turned into a poem today:

What about writing about red flags? I could do that. Red flags like missing a payment, missing a test. Red flags like coming home late or smelling of smoke. Red flags like a pain in the side or mysterious bruises. Red flags like shore lines increasing or anger rising. So what do you do about red flags? Well I guess you can notice them, confront the issue and turn them into the white flags of surrender. Or you can not notice them until they cover your whole life with terror. Or you can turn them into roses.


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