Playing Pigs

Pass the Pigs

It’s a gamble
do I roll again
or stick?

If I roll a nothing,
I have risked it all
If I roll a something
I get to roll again

All or nothing
it’s a gamble
not so much like life
where if I lose I often
still get another chance

Yet it reminds me
that decisions do
have consequences

I think I’ll roll again
Oh, look!
I got a double razorback

Now another choice
do I roll again
or stick…


Day 16 prompt: Write a poem that prominently features the idea of play.

Pass the Pigs is a “dice” game played with little plastic pigs that I enjoy playing with my family. A score is based on the position of the pigs after they are rolled. (For example, the double razorback mentioned in the poem would score 20 points.) However, if you pick up the scoring pig(s) and roll no score (usually two pigs on their sides, one with a dot and one without) then you lose all your accumulated score on that turn. Gambling. With pigs. 🙂

Photo is an original of two sets of pigs from Pass the Pigs Party game

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