sleeping kitten

The sun has set but she has not come home. Calling for her again and again, her little whiskered face does not appear at the front door or the door wall. The night air is calm with the new warmth of early spring. Yet, was there not a coyote in the back yard just last night? Her soft white paws do not tap upon the glass; her meow is not detected even after calling, calling again. “Chloe. Chloe-o-e-o.” Where will she find water? Where will she find food? Why isn’t she returning to the loving laps of home? Again, the calling – again, no response. “I’ll go out and look for her,” walk to the couch to put on my shoes. Then I find her there, curled into a ball of grey and white. In deep sleep on the couch, she’d been safe inside our home all the time I thought I’d lost this cat I love.

Finding one’s desire

is noticing what’s here now

See love where it is



Day 11 prompt: Write a haibun about where you live.

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