Gratitude and the Elements


“Thank you, Rain, for this day of respite while feeding the new spring flowers.”
“You are welcome, Dear One. I love sprinkling the earth with the sustenance of growth.”
“Thank you, Forsythia, for displaying your sunshine even on cloudy days.”
“You are welcome, Dear One. I love gifting yellow for these few weeks each year.”
“Thank you, Wind, for cooling my skin and offering me your energy.”
“You are welcome, Dear One. I enjoy playful times of touching the earth with whispers.”
“Thank you, Lightning, for providing neutrinos and gifting the music of thunder.”
“You are welcome, Dear One. for electric drum beats to set the air a-dancing.”
“Thank you, Clouds, for your beautiful colors, your movement and changing shapes.”
“You are welcome, Dear One. I love reminders that we’re always in transition.”

 “Thank you, Dear One,” said Rain and Forsythia, Wind, Lightning and Clouds,
for noticing and appreciating the nature of our being.”
“You are welcome, Dear Friends,” replied Gratitude. “I, too, love doing my job.”


Day 11: My offering for today does not follow the optional NaPoWriMo prompt for Day 11, but this one just wanted to be written instead.

Photo is an original taken in Troy, MI, USA


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