Concocted Titles


In the self-help section
of the library of my mind
I find titles I might want to explore:

Just Dropped in to See What Intentions My Intentions Were In
Born in the Middle of the Universe and Don’t Know How to Escape
Judgement Is Never Right Because It’s Also Left
Getting Things Done by Not Doing
They Talk Because They Have Nothing to Say
Trying to Make an Empty Pen Right
Fundamental Thoughts Are FUNny
Nothing Is Always
Miming Backwards
I Failed Religion Thank God
Fiction Feeds Truth as Truth Feeds Fiction

So now where do I start?


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez courtesy of Unsplash


Prompt for Day 3: Today’s challenge is to write a list poem in which all the items are made-up names. If band names don’t inspire, how about a list of titles for romantic novels? Or new television cop dramas? They can be as over-the-top as you like, because that’s (at least) half the fun. Happy writing!


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