Two Me’s

two faces

I feel fury rise within me
“You’re just wrong” I want to call out
My face aflame
My breathing tight
Full of righteous rage

I feel the goodness rise within me
“I wish you peace,” I want to call out
My eyes gracious
My breathing easy
Full of lovingkindness

How can rage and kindness
both live within me?
Where do these two me’s
connect within my Self?

 Can I create a space
where compassion softens rage
while my anger still inspires
action toward progress?

  Photo by Tony Hernandez courtesy of Unsplash


I will be participating in National Poetry Writing Month, affectionately known as NaPoWriMo, during April. This is my first attempt. I may not post a poem every day but I am challenging myself to write one every day. If you would like to participate or learn more, NaPoWriMo2018.


5 thoughts on “Two Me’s

  1. Oh how well I know this duo…one of them much better than the other. I love the closing lines, LuAnne. It says so well and so beautifully what I hope for this duo within.

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