New Outlook

My hard drive crashed
I lost a lot of favorites
my Outlook tanked
the contact list wiped clean

So I upgraded Windows
a new interface to learn
my Outlook is improving
as I organize my files

The loss is a lesson
the universe is teaching me
to let go of clinging
and a need for resolution


The technical challenges I’ve been facing for the past few weeks have taken the time I usually spend journaling, polishing poems, and participating in this blogging community. I hope that I will now be able to return to the community, get back to reading others’ blogs, and contributing again myself.


10 thoughts on “New Outlook

    1. Yes, I have an external drive if I would just back things up more regularly! The big loss was my applications such as Office and Photoshop. It is a pain to repurchase and then install these but I am learning through the process to be ok with letting go of stuff. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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